INTERMOLD KOREA will be held in KINTEX, ILSAN from March 7 to 11, 2017 (KODMIC Newsletter Feb. 16, 2016 (No. 548))
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INTERMOLD KOREA will be held in KINTEX, ILSAN from 7th of March (Tuesday) to 11th of March (Saturday), 2017

INTERMOLD KOREA, which is recognized as one of the largest die & mold expositions in the world, will be held in KINTEX, ILSAN from 7th of March (Tuesday) to 11th of March (Saturday), 2017. KODMIC confirmed the schedule for 2017 INTERMOLD KOREA and started detailed preparations. The 22nd INTERMOLD KOREA was held with Korea International Plastics and Rubbers Show (KOPLAS) and Heating Air-conditioning Refrigeration and Fluid Exhibition (HARFKO), the three dedicated industry expositions supported by the government, in March, 2016. With their simultaneous opening, the events had significant impact including attraction of demand and interest in die & mold and related industries. 

To maximize the synergy effect and create more demand, the 2017 INTERMOLD KOREA will be held along with KOPLAS and HARFKO in March, 2017. It is intended to nurture the exposition as the best exposition for related industries in Korea and the biggest die & mold exposition in Asia, satisfying the requirement of the participants and visitors together. The 2017 INTERMOLD KOREA is scheduled to be held in 1,900 booths (32,157㎡) at the Exhibition Hall 1 of KINTEX, ILSAN.

To attract more visitors and expand the size, KODMIC will closely cooperate with hosts for KOPLAS and HARFKO to maximize the promotion. With focus on attracting international buyers and end users, it will help the Korean die & mold companies and related companies to make advantage of the event for marketing and a great leap forward.

■ General Information


2. Goals

  - Promote the development of dies, molds and  related equipment

  - Facilitate the exchange of cutting-edge technology and  Know-how

  - Create new demand and business opportunity

3. Period : March 7 (Tue) ~ 11 (Sat), 2017, 5 days

4. Venue : KINTEX Exhibition Center1 (1.2.3Hall)

5. Scale : 32,157㎡ (1,900 Booths), 450 exhibitors from 25 countries

6. Organizer : Korea Die & Mold Industry Cooperative

7. Events

  - Foreign buyer business meeting

  - Seminars on die & mold and related technologies 

  - International die and mold technology conference and academic seminars

8. Exhibit Items

  - Die and molds, standard parts, tools, machine tools, CAD/CAM/CAE, measuring devises, forming machines and related products for mold industry

9. Registration : On-line applying (

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