Application Step 1 (Rules)
Rules for Participation
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Article 1 Application for Participation
The completion of the application for participation in INTERMOLD KOREA 2023 will be completed when the exhibition organizer receives the application and issues the invoice.

Article 2 Early application
Discounts for early applications are applied only when the application is applied by the early application date and the application is paid in full according to the invoice. (Application fee : 30% of the participation fee)
Early application: 10% special discount until June 30, 2022

Article 3 Allocation of booths
The booth allocation of participating companies is divided by item group, considering the exhibition area and characteristics according to the payment of application fees and the participation performance of the exhibition The exhibition organizers will assign the exhibition. No part or all of the assigned booths shall be lent, transferred, or interchanged between participating entities.

A) Allocation principle
① Assignment mainly to the relevant item group (partial adjustment assignment to other item groups when booths in the relevant item group are exhausted)
② Positioning based on scale criteria on booth layout
(However, if there is no booth of the desired size, the booth layout is partially adjusted and divided)
③ Locations specially designated by the organizer for special halls (foreign national halls, mold companies, supporting institutions, etc.) are excluded from priority allocation.

B) Assignment criteria
For smooth booth allocation of participating companies, booths are assigned according to the ranking by preparing the criteria for allocation as follows.
① Calculation of scores by applicant company
▶ Date of application for participation
▶ Application payment date
▶ Exhibition participation performance (INTERMOLD KOREA participation history)
▶ Size of booth application
② Assignment based on application priority by item group (based on calculation score)
③ Prioritize large enterprises in the event of equal-scoring enterprises

Article 4 Consent to the use of portrait rights
The portrait rights of participants in photographs and videos taken during the exhibition period shall be deemed to have agreed that they can be used to promote the exhibition. The use of portrait rights is limited to the promotion of our exhibition such as printing, video promotional materials, homepage, newsletter, and online SNS platform It shall be up to two years from the end date of the relevant exhibition.

Article 5 Consent to process personal information
1. The secretariat collects personal information (name, phone number, address, mobile phone number, e-mail, company name, department, position, and other items) provided when applying for participation.
2. The secretariat may use the collected personal information only for the purpose of promoting the next exhibition, confirming the intention to participate, and communicating notices.
3. After the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, the information shall be destroyed without delay.

Article 6 Preliminary examination and sales prohibition
1. In consideration of the expertise and specificity of the exhibition, participation items may be reviewed in advance, and applications for participation may be rejected for items unrelated to the nature of the exhibition.
2. If it is judged to be an event or an on-site seller among the previously applied companies, the secretariat may unilaterally terminate the exhibition contract.

Article 7 Waiver and Termination of Contract, etc
1. If a participating company falls under any of the following subparagraphs, the participation may be canceled or ordered to be taken out even during the contract termination or exhibition period. In such cases, the pre-paid participation fee shall not be refunded.

A) In the case where a participating company exhibits products that do not conform to the nature of the exhibition;
B) Where a participating company commits an act that hinders the operation of the exhibition without complying with the exhibition operation guide;
C) Refuse to use part or all of the assigned booths or transfer them to a third party without permission from the organizer;

2. If participating companies give up their participation in the event, the following provisions shall be followed according to the remaining period.
Cancellation date

Period Cancel charge
Before December 31, 2022 30% of the booth rent canceled
Between January 1st and January 31st, 2023 Imposition of 50% of the canceled booth rent
After February 1, 2023 Imposition of 100% of booth rent canceled

Article 8 Restoration to original state
When a participating company damages facilities, equipment, etc. in the exhibition hall, it shall bear the cost of restoration to the original state or the cost of restoration requested by KINTEX upon the shipment of the exhibits.

Article 9 Management of exhibits
1. Exhibits during exhibition preparation or exhibition shall be managed by the participating enterprise with resident personnel.
2. The final purpose of the exhibition is the responsibility of the participating company to manage the exhibition, and the exhibition organizer does not compensate for any property loss caused by various accidents in the exhibition hall, such as theft, fire, or damage.
3. Participating enterprises shall subscribe to non-life insurance in advance for all exhibits and important equipment during the preparation and demolition period as well as during the exhibition period to prepare for unexpected accidents.

Article 10 Safety of Work
All personnel entering and leaving the exhibition hall during the device period must wear safety helmets, and access is restricted if not worn.

Article 11 Operation of exhibits
When an exhibition item is operated, a safety device shall be provided for the safety of visitors, and if it is deemed to interfere with the consultation of other companies or to be harmful to safety, the exhibition organizer may restrict or suspend the operation.

Article 12 Acoustic Restrictions
The use of sound devices shall be restrained as much as possible in consideration of the counseling of other companies and the impact on visitors, and where it is deemed to interfere with the counseling of other neighboring companies, the use may be suspended.

Article 13 Fire prevention management
1. Participating companies should place fire extinguishers in booths and take full responsibility for fire management.
2. During the exhibition period, a fire prevention manager shall be selected and notified to the exhibition organizer.

Article 14 Interpretation of provisions
Matters not specified in this participation regulation shall be determined by mutual consultation with the exhibition organizer.
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