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Overview for Exhibitor

Application Deadline

All exhibitors should submit to fill up on-line in exhibition website by September 30, 2022.
  • Early Bird by June 30, 2022 : 10% discount
  • Special discount : 10% for exhibitor of online exhibition(2022)
  • Application will be closed when booths are fully booked. (There are only up to two duplicate discounts.)

Unit of Space

Each booth measures 9㎡ (3m×3m)

Application Procedure

  • 01 Access to website
  • 02 Click "Exhibitor > Application"
  • 03 Agree on the general terms and conditions.
  • 04 Registration
  • 05 Verify the application and print the form
  • 06 Complete application!
Participation Fee
(Unit: US$ / booth)
Classification Raw-space Shell-scheme
Cost US$ 2,800 US$ 3,300

Early Bird Discounts

We'll support special discount as below.
  • Early Bird by June 30, 2022 : 10% discount
※ The shell-scheme booth includes a booth installation fee of US$500.
※ The participation fee discount is applied only to both rent excluding installation fee.

How to pay

Application Fee : Please pay 30% of the participation fee upon application.
Payment of Balance : You must pay the balance of the participation fee, the rental fee for utility services and so on by January 31, 2023.
Bank Information
Bank Name Industrial Bank of Korea
Account No 221-000047-01-017
Receiver (Account holder) Korea Die & Mold Industry Cooperative
Utility Services
(Unit: US$)
Services Unit Details Price
Electricity Per Kw Single-phase 220V, 60Hz
Three-phase 220V/380V, 60Hz
Compressed air Per line ø9mm, 8kg/㎠ $250
ø15mm, 8kg/㎠ $350
ø20mm, 8kg/㎠ $450
Water supply/drainage Per line ø15mm, ø25mm, 3kg/㎠ $200
Telephone(Land line) Per line International $200
Internet line Per Port - $250
Bar code system Per EA One-way terminal $300
  • For use of the utility services, exhibitor should apply online before December 31, 2022.
  • Official supplier assigned by organizer will manage all utility services and the price is including installation and usage fee.
Withdrawal and

Withdrawal and Cancellation

In case that exhibitors do one of the following, the contract may be terminated arbitrarily, or exhibits may be removed from the exhibition hall even during the exhibition;provided that participation fee already paid shall not be refunded
  • a) Exhibitors display products not in line with the nature of the exhibition.
  • b) Exhibitors do not conform to operation guidelines and take actions to hinder the management of the exhibition.
  • c) Exhibitors reject to use part or all of the allocated booths or transfer to a third party without a permission of the organizer.

Cancellation Charge

For any withdrawal of exhibits, the following rules apply depending on remaining period
Cancellation Date Penalty fees
On or before December 31, 2022 30% of the fee for booth use
On or after January 1, 2023 100% of the fee for booth use

Interpreting Regulation

Matters not specified in this detailed management guideline shall be settled through mutual consultation with Organizer.