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Exhibition Operating Guide Exhibition Operating Guide
Exhibition Operating Guide
Booth allocation
  • The booth allocation of participating companies is divided by item group, considering the exhibition area and characteristics according to the payment of application fees and the participation performance of the exhibition
  • The exhibition organizers will assign the exhibition. No part or all of the assigned booths shall be lent, transferred, or interchanged between participating entities.

Allocation principle

  • Assignment mainly to the relevant item group (partial adjustment assignment to other item groups when booths in the relevant item group are exhausted)
  • Positioning based on scale criteria on booth layout
    (However, if there is no booth of the desired size, the booth layout is partially adjusted and divided)
  • Locations specially designated by the organizer for special halls (foreign national halls, mold companies, supporting institutions, etc.) are excluded from priority allocation.

Assignment criteria

For smooth booth allocation of participating companies, booths are assigned according to the ranking by preparing the criteria for allocation as follows.
  • Calculation of scores by applicant company
    • Date of application for participation
    • Application payment date
    • Exhibition participation performance (INTERMOLD KOREA participation history)
    • Size of booth application
  • Assignment based on application priority by item group (based on calculation score)
  • Prioritize large enterprises in the event of equal-scoring enterprises